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Susie Mannis Sigman lives in Denver, Colorado. She thought she would figure out life's mysteries by the time she turned 50, but through the wisdom that comes with menopause, realized she may never learn them. 

Her cat, Tigger, keeps her lap warm when she's writing, until her knees fall asleep and will not unbend. Her dog, Lilah, is always at the ready for a walk or to chase something...anything.​

Susie has appeared on stage in Denver as part of the “Listen to Your Mother” show, sharing poignant haiku about her journey through single parenthood. Why haiku? Because they're fun and short. And as a single mother, she seriously only had time to write 17 syllables at a time!

She occasionally does stand-up comedy, a terrifying prospect until the microphone is in her hand, at which time it becomes thrilling and the best thing ever.

Susie is available for speaking engagements and adds humor to everything. Have a topic in mind? Throw it out there.

Sample Speaking Topics 

Enough Life Lessons: Just Give Me Status Quo

Dating Through the Decades: Are You Kidding Me?

Single Parenting: How I Did It with Humor (And the Kids Survived!)

A Conversation About Menopause: From the Perspective of an OB-GYN and an Author

About Me: Bio

Lilah and Tigger

Lilah and Tigger
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