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The time has come; it's finally here

No period for months, it's been over a year.

No tampons, pads or silly cups

No cramps or bloat or swellings up.

No one can claim "you're on the rag"

Or that "time of the month" has made you a drag.

Your friend "Aunt Flo" has gone away

Goodbye to these insults

It's a brand-new day.


But with all stages of life, there are some trades,

There's a list of what changes, disappears or fades,

Just when you thought you had a handle on life,

Your body revolts and creates more strife.

Your internal thermometer is way out of whack,

There is no resetting it to get back on track.

Covers on, covers off, your body's out of control,

You're fine for a while but it's taking a toll.


Hot flashes engulf you for minutes at a time

Then suddenly they're over, leaving wreckage behind.

Sweaty palms, red face, wet boobs and tummy,

Soaked clothing and bed sheets: as if wrapped like a mummy.

There's more! These are just the first few pages.

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