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This book is for any woman who is going through "the change." It's a humorous look at the symptoms most women experience.

You'll see photos representing the pitfalls of menopause, including egg photos. Why eggs, you ask? Because if the woman reading this book is going through menopause, these will be the only eggs left in the room! 

Menopause: It's Hilarious makes a perfect, light-hearted gift. You may want to buy several at once. Just like pregnancy: once one woman you know hits menopause, every woman you know soon will be there too!

How to Order

To order your copies ($11 each + shipping, if necessary), email me at

Accepting Check, Cash or Venmo (@Susie-Sigman).

Softcover, 24 full color pages.

Available now! My first book - so exciting!

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All women going through menopause should read this book and will be able to relate to it. I certainly did! It made me laugh and cry at the same time!

This book really touches on all the annoying, exasperating things that happen in menopause. I laughed throughout the whole book.

Esti A., Denver, CO

Dr. Wendy Berenbaum, OB/GYN, Denver, CO

OMG! I am laughing out loud! This is amazing!!

Dr. Laura Korman, OB-GYN, Portland, OR

There's plenty of information about those crazy pregnancy hormones and what to expect when you're expecting, but who talks about menopause? Break the ice with this hilarious book that delivers big laughs—even through menopause tears. Buy one for yourself and another for a friend. And the next time a man in your life wonders what's wrong with you, serve him a copy, too, with scrambled eggs on the side.

Wendy Schlosberg, Woodland Park, CO

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